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Ganta Ravi

Ganta Ravi

This Young Actor Ravi

Normally, whenever a movie releases, the actors within the film, that too if they belong to a preferred family will rise a discussion. however sensible they are and the way well will they survive within the business is mentioned over something however one new hero is unable to try and do thus albeit his motion-picture show discharged last week.

Ghanta Srinivas Rao is one robust and known politician. once his son, Ghanta Ravi is debuting as associate degree actor then it’s common to own a discussion on however he performed. however the actor is unable to ignite even alittle discussion regarding him. Not several apprehend that his Jaydev within the direction of Jayanth C. Paranjee discharged last weekday and also the motion-picture show has been replaced by DJ in several theatres moreover.

A discussion concerning the actor and his strengths, weaknesses would facilitate the actor and conjointly the motion-picture show, as a promotion. however not even the media is  interested  discussing about his motion-picture show and that we square measure stunned about this. Such low profile is very unforeseen and that we surprise what is going to be his next movie.

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