Venkatapuram–Movie Review



Venkatapuram–Movie Review

Release date : might twelve, 2017
Director : Venu Madikanti
Producer : Shreyas Srinivas
Music Director : Achu
Starring : Rahul, Mahima Makhwana

Happy Days fame, Rahul has been troubled to induce a correct hit below his belt. Losing no hope, he’s back with associate intense crime heroic tale titled Venkatapuram. The film has hit the screens everywhere nowadays and let’s see whether or not it provides Rahul his much-needed hit.


The story is about in Vizag as Anand(Rahul) and Chaitra(Mahima) sleep in a similar dwelling. for sure, they become shut friends and begin developing feelings towards one another.The twist within the tale arises once Chaitra lands in immense bother that involves a horrific gang and a bunch of corrupt cops. remainder of the story is on however Anand takes things up to speed and solves Chaitra’s issues one once the opposite.

Movie Plus Points:

One of the largest and points of the film is that the basic premise of the film. The plot is fascinating and also the manner it’s been came upon amidst corrupt cops with a suspense theme is sort of sensible. the assembly values area unit prime notch because the film includes a terribly distinctive and intriguing look. Hero Rahul has done an honest job within the film. His exertions is clearly visible through his body and emotional outburst throughout the half. He suits his role utterly and gels within the serious role quite well. Ajay will his job well within the half
Ajay Ghosh is that the mainstay of the film as his minatory cop act brings an honest quantity of depth within the proceedings. The manner he has shown his evil aspect works well for the plot and every one his investigatory scenes area unit quite realistic and are handled well.

Cinema Minus Points:-

Things get over-involved alittle because the love track between the lead try has not been established well. For the hero to require such serious steps of crime for the heroine, the manufacturers ought to have shown a deep bonding between the couple. Even though heroine Mahima appearance okay, she has manner an excessive amount of to perform and doesn’t bring the required emotions. The film drags in several areas like scenes like faculty ladies going out for smoking might are bound up even quickly. The logic goes for a supply several areas as too several liberties are taken by the director. There area unit several queries unreciprocated like heroine’s folks dying and the way the hero manages all the crimes.

Cinema Technical Aspects:-

As same earlier, special effects is prime notch and particularly those aerial shots depiction town of Vizag look wonderful. Achu’s music is incredibly sensible as all the songs area unit pretty good. Dialogues area unit okay so was the assembly style. redaction is good however there area unit few scenes that might are emended throughout the primary Coming to the director Venu, he has done associate okay job with the film. He has dead the film quite well on paper however has managed to bring the film alive on screen solely to associate extent. The manner he has maintained the suspense component is sort of sensible. even if he starts the film on a slow note, he ends it pretty convincingly.

Movie Verdict:-

On the entire, Venkatapuram includes a good premise and sensible suspense components within the half. Rahul will well in his comeback film however director Venu’s narration ought to are alittle crisp because the film belongs to the heroic tale genre. If you retain your expectations in restraint and ignore a couple of logics here and there, this film will simply be a trial this weekend.

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