Vaisakham Telugu Movie Music Review-Upcoming Newz



Vaisakham Telugu Movie Music Review-Upcoming Newz

Vaisakham has music by DJ Vasanth. Srimani, Ramajogayya Sastry and Bhaskarabhatla square measure the lyricists. Ramya Behara, Anurag Kulakarni, Satya Yamini, Sai Charan and Simha square measure the vary of singing talent.


Singers: Anurag Kulakarni, Satya Yamini
Lyrics: Srimani

Music-wise, the duet may be a cross between the profound and therefore the regular. DJ Vasanth attracts inspiration from pious tunes. Srimani’s lyrics bring out the meaning-laden views of ‘vaisakham’ that the 2 lovers have. From relationship to different meanings, the ‘masam’ has all. Anurag Kulakarni and Satya Yamini have terribly soft vocals to effectively accomplish this range.

Bhanumathi Bhanumathi

Singers: Sai Charan, Ramya Behara
Lyrics: Srimani

Srimani another time betrays his love for English-language words. in contrast to initial|the primary} first range, this song contains a fifty per cent quota for English words. a pleasant range, it’s a informal song between the lovers. Sai Charan and Ramya Behara with their vernal vocals complement DJ Vasanth’s instrumentation that enables for neat choreography. Since the manufacturers square measure locution that hero Harish’s dance numbers can entertain, one watches out for picturization.


Singers: Sai Charan & Chorus
Lyrics: DJ Vasanth

At a abstract level, this song is sort of humorous . The displeased lover boy funny prays for unhealthy things to happen to the heroine. If a number of the curses square measure insensitive, most of the them square measure light-veined. DJ Vasanth’s lyrics square measure sure appealing. Sai Charan renders the album’s second song with lots of high-spiritedness and ease. Instrumentation, lyrics and vocals – this song gets all of them right.

Daggaragaa Raavoddilaga

Singers: Simha, Ramya Behara
Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla

Once again, the lyrics are engaging. Yet another time, the hero is after a disrespectful heroine with gay abandon. The peppy concept is perked up by Vasanth’s mongrelized instrumentation. In a song where Bhaskarabhatla scores with his lyrics, Simha and Ramya out-compete each other in delivering exciting vocals.

Come On Country Chilaka

Singers: Ramya Behara, Anurag Kulakami
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry

For a rom-com or family entertainer like ‘Vaisakham’, this song is a cut above the rest. The special song has electrifying vocals from Ramya Behara and Anurag, the much-happening male singer. Ramajogayya Sastry makes certain the doubles entendres square measure quite raunchy and massy. The music is sort of rhythmic and bouncy. It’s nearly as if DSP and Thaman have move for a performance.

Movie Verdict:-

‘Vaisakham’ comes with quality. Lyrics, music And renditions all are available an amusing package. The playfulness should have start well with correct choreography and filming.

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