Toollywood Movie Radha Music Review

Radha Music Review

Radha Music Review

Toollywood Movie Radha Music Review

‘Radha’, music directed by Radhan, has lyrics by Suresh Banishetty, Srimani, Ramajogayya Sastry and KK. MLR Karthikeyan, Ramee, Sameera Bharadwaj, Ranjith, Priya Himesh and Jithin square measure the singers.

Kaakki Chokka

Singers: MLR Karthikeyan, Ramee
Lyricist: Suresh Banishetty

When the male lead could be a cop, a hero-oriented song could be a should. If he’s a ‘Gabbar Singh’ or not doesn’t matter. whether or not it’s somebody or a Sharwanand, a hero-hailing song could be a strict affirmative. director Radhan will an intensive heist job for the primary song. The tone is folkish and therefore the beats would are spirited had they not been too impressed. Suresh Banishetty’s lyrics equate the hero to God. appropriate the title, terms like ‘Gokulam’ square measure brought in. The assonant lyrics square measure pleasurable. MLR Karthikeyan’s vocals square measure apt.

Choopultho Guchchi

Singer: Ranjith
Lyricist: KK

Both soothing and mischievous, this song comes with easy-on-ears music and redolent of lyrics. Radan goes for soft beats and carries it out while not resorting to an excessive amount of of influences. there’s space for holy chanting- kind feel, keeping with the title. KK’s lyrics square measure spectacular, with the poetic ‘Megham jallai thalonchindile’ taking the cake. ‘Na Rathamullona facet seatu needikakanaka’ is another example. Singer Ranjith croons the song with intensity. His vocals have boisterous vibes concerning them, that is why it is a pleasure to concentrate to him, whether or not it is a hero-oriented intro range or otherwise.

Rabbit Rabbit Pilla

Singer: Boehmeria nivea
Lyricist: Srimani

Tamil nativity, faculty field song, pampering the angry heroine, The song smacks of a powerful Tamil nativity. The terribly tone of the amount is irreverent and faculty campus-like. Not that it’s alien, however it might are a lot of properly custom-made. Srimani’s lyrics mirror the thoughts of a swain UN agency needs to treat his angry girlfriend. Ramee’s vocals match the bill, though they don’t lend themselves for a repeat audience.

Oye Mera Krishuu

Singers: Priya Himesh, Sameera Bharadwaj, Jithin
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

If title is once Lord avatar, will associate item song whereby the hero is virtually sandwiched between 2 heroines be way away? that is specifically what you get here. And Ramajogayya Sastry ensures that the correct words square measure accustomed mirror the hero’s romantic plight, besides giving voice to the heroines’ notable naugitiness. From terms like ‘Blockbuster hero’, ‘Dream Nagaru’ and ‘Dochuko andam’ to ‘Dachukunnavi istha’, the amount has all the standard suspects. Priya Himesh, Sameera Bharadwaj and Jithin square measure asked to be exciting, however in associate tasteful method. Radhan’s music finds its inspirations and references.

Movie Verdict:

A four song album, it’s a full pack. A hero-oriented range, a duet, associate item song, a spirited hero’s apology, you have got all. Radhan’s music isn’t long evidently. The lyrics square measure fun. The singers do an honest job.

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