Tollywood Young Hero Sharwanand Interview

Tollywood Young Hero Sharwanand 


Tollywood Young Hero Sharwanand Interview

Sharwanand has been in superb form post the success of Shatamanam Bhavati. He is back with yet another hilarious entertainer called Radha. The film is up for a release tomorrow and we caught up with him for a detailed interview. Here is the transcript.
Are you tensed about Radha’s release?

Yes! I am a bit tensed as there a lot of the expectations from the audience post the success of Shatamanam Bhavati.

Why did you choose such a commercial film like Radha?

Frankly, I was myself bored of doing the same old serious stuff so I decided to do Shatamanam and now Radha. I think I still have time to do those roles and as I am young enough, my concentration is towards simple and entertaining stuff.

How did this project materialize?

In fact, this film started even before Shatamanam Bhavati but as Dil Raju garu felt that Shatamanam needs to come early for Sankranthi because of its subject, we resumed this film after Shatamanam’s release.

Tell us about your role?

I play a very interesting character which has full of mass elements. How I become a police officer and things change for good in my character is the whole film about.

Did you’ve got any drawback with the title Radha?

No! not the least bit. Even I failed to need to showcase myself during a an excessive amount of heroic manner therefore we tend to named the film Radha. because the heroine’s name is additionally Radha, the title is sort of apt.

How ar you enjoying your recent rise in your star status?

I am terribly relaxed and am presently terribly proud of the manner things Maineasure going with me. i’m taking things one at a time and am seeing that each one my films start off quite entertainingly.

Did you ever expect Shatamanam to be such a large hit?

I forever felt that the film are going to be a good hit however ne’er unreal that it’ll be such a rage everywhere. the quantity of appreciation that I actually have received for this film is just too a lot of and that i am terribly appreciative to the audience World Health Organization created this film a large hit.

Why ar you not on social media?

Frankly speaking, I don’t even savvy to use these platforms and feel that an excessive amount of time is being spent on this stuff that are disposing of an excessive amount of of your time in our lives. i’m terribly proud of the manner my career goes and don’t need to distract myself.

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