Tollywood New Hero Ghanta Ravi Movie Jayadev Review-Predictable Cop Drama

Ghanta Ravi Movie Jayadev Review

Jayadev Review

Tollywood New Hero Ghanta Ravi Movie Jayadev Review-Predictable Cop Drama

Release date : June thirty, 2017
Director : Jayanth C Paranji
Producer : K.Ashok Kumar
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Ganta Ravi, Malvika Raaj

Jayadev marks the debut of minister Ghanta Srinivasa Rao’s son Ghanta Ravi. The cop drama is directed by Jayant C Paranji and has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.

Movie Story :-

Jayadev(Ghanta Ravi) could be a sincere policeman United Nations agency gets concerned during a deadly murder case of a cop. Upon his investigation, he involves apprehend that a terrible liquor don(Vinod Kumar) is behind all this. remainder of the story is on however a sincere and easy sub-inspector like Jayadev tackles the mighty Don and puts him behind the bars.

Movie Plus Points :-

Debut hero Ghanta Ravi is okay and encompasses a good distance to travel in terms of acting. He encompasses a smart physique and can nicely work serious roles if used well. With time and a lot of films, he ought to do higher. The heroine of the film, Malavika rule appearance quite exciting and provides smart visual image for the audience.
Vinod Kumar plays a key role once an extended time. one among the fights wherever the hero hides his face has been shot quite stylishly. The manner the issues that cops face are showcased in a noteworthy manner. Some investigation scenes are handled well.

Movie Minus Points :-

Jayadev encompasses a terribly old skool plot and is predictable to the core. Right from the primary scene you precisely apprehend what’s reaching to happen next as there aren’t any major twists or turns. It is terribly unsatisfactory to examine a director like Jayanth C United Nations agency created films like Preminchukundam Raa direct this film in such a foul manner. The villain’s track is thus poor that there’s nothing else to appear forward because the film moves on some silly and loud scenes most of the time. Even the proceedings that ar showcased haven’t any that means in the least. The manner hero loses his job and his struggle to induce back, all this has been showcased  very poor manner. there’s scope permanently elevation scenes that are not utilised properly.

Movie Technical Aspects :-

Production values of the film ar simply average. Music of the film is okay so was the background score. computer graphics was pretty good and showcased the cop set-up in a noteworthy manner. redaction is pathetic as a minimum of quarter-hour might are simply shredded off. returning to the director Jayant C Paranji, he has simply sleep walked through the film and his lack of grip on the script is clearly visible during this remake.

Movie Verdict :-

On the entire, Jayadev could be a too significant subject for a woman like Ghanta Ravi. He ought to have chosen an easy film to create his entry in Tollywood. despite the fact that he tries laborious in his role, the unsatisfactory narration and lack of any engrossing moments take this film down and makes it a strictly below average watch this weekend.

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