Telugu Movie Katamarayudu Review

Telugu Movie Katamarayudu Review


‘Katamarayudu’ Powerstar,


Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is his village’s huge brother UN agency dispenses instant justice, runs a number of moral businesses, settles scores and shares a jivvu-full life along with his four brothers (Ajay, Shiva Balaji, Chaitanya and Kamal Kamaraju) and his in-house ‘vakeel’ (played by Ali). There hardly is associate anomaly in his life, except that Katama has cramps before girls will even consider living in his neighborhood. The brothers, 3 of whom square measure loving themselves, currently wish to indicate their altruistic brother the enjoyment of affection by creating him fall loving. They notice Avantika (Shruti Haasan), a Classical dancer, UN agency is simply too sensitive to bloodshed. After a number of schemes compete by the brothers, the 2 fall loving. however Katama’s issues have solely begun, as his sweetheart is that the female offspring of a pacifist nationalist leader (played by Nasser), UN agency is ultra-sensitive to action sequences, even or otherwise.


There square measure remakes. Then there square measure puzzling remakes. ‘Katamarayudu’ belongs to the latter class. First things initial. The film is supposed for people who square measure tossed into rapture once Power Star breaks into those been-there-done-that ‘Jivvu Jivvu’ dances, those infectious smiles within the presence of the heroine, those interactions with villains that go together with a dose of ‘gyan’ (some times confiscated for Pawanism), etc. Oh yes! The film features a story line. Only that, once the hero saves one loved one once another from the heroine’s family, the climax nearly starts taking part in enter front of your eyes, unless you’re somebody UN agency needs to lead on yourself into thinking that they would not have gone for a remake if it had been therefore banal. Director Kishore Kumar Pardasani succeeds in sticking valour quite well. The intro scene wherever even a bull within the grounds of Katamarayudu’s house flies into rage once Pradeep Rawat asks ‘Rayudu unnada?’ is great. From then on, Pawan’s cult fan base is often catered to. ‘Nenu dandha chesina neethi untadi.. Aapina neethi untadi,’ therefore goes a line.

While the rom-com scenes involving Shruti, Pawan and Ali & Co square measure simply so-so in terms of conceptualization, the ‘Khushi’ reference (read the interval ‘nadumu’ scene) and therefore the like will excite fans. Every time the legions of fans would like one thing horny on platter, a swashbuckling fight sequence here or boisterous bromance there’s offered within the half. It’s within the half that the fights become totally bad. (By the approach, why do our altruistic heroes, otherwise unvanquishable, get overwhelmed up solely within the climax and before of these UN agency are misunderstanding them?) After sticking Rao Ramesh and Pradeep Rawat as loathsome and alarming, severally, the book delivers a bowelless “drop” after they square measure was associate imbecile and a fool, severally. Tarun Arora’s villainy does not substitute for the shortage of a powerful antagonist generally.

The humour works sometimes. in a very role reversal of kinds, a relative tells Pawan what he had aforesaid his relative in ‘Attarintiki Daredi’: ‘Ekkada neggalo kadu.. Ekkada taggalo teliyali’. ‘Naku preminchadam tappa, prema Revolutionary People’s Struggle cheppalo teliyadu’, therefore goes another. a number of the scenes start as serious ones, however midway have a modification of genre, as if a genre-change surgery was performed on them! Pawan’s dignified performance saves the day. In his ‘Komaram Puli’ moustache and ‘pancha kattu’, he comes with associate admirable poise. His dialogue-delivery and therefore the chemistry along with his brothers and therefore the heroine square measure pleasant. Shruti Haasan as a dance trainer with barely of innocence is sweet. She will a fine job within the songs. If Nasser is routine, Rao Ramesh is hanging. Shivaji Balaji, Chaitanya and Kamal pass muster, however Ajay stands out. Ali is his routine self. Manasa Himavarsha et al. square measure seen in bit roles.

Anup Rubens’ songs begin well on the large screen. The songs, blackball ‘Yelo Yedarilo Vaana’ and ‘Laage Laage’, don’t seem to be up to the mark. The title song is destroyed by insipid choreography. Prasad Murella’s picture taking deserves congratulations. Brahma Kadali’s art work adds richness to the visuals.


‘Katamarayudu’ works attributable to Powerstar, UN agency provides variety of fanboy moments with utter ease and charm. whereas it’ll take time to ascertain the precise antiquity of the story (given however archaic it’s ASI ought to step in), the film works to associate extent.

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