Srivedi Mom Movie Review-Movie News

Srivedi Mom Movie Review

Srivedi Mom Movie

Srivedi Mom Movie Review-Movie News

Sridevi has acted with all the heroes of the film. within the north in conjunction with the south, Numbervan is that the heroine. Producer Baniipoor was later free once motion-picture photography. once an extended time, Sridevi compete a number one role within the Tamil film Puli within the middle of a re-entry with Winglish. Sridevi has acted within the role of the film, however it’s noteworthy that Sridevi failed to complete the 50s this year and reached the milestone of 300 films. let’s examine however the show ‘Mam’ encompasses a sensible read of the film.

Movie story:-

Anand Sabarwal (Adnan Siddiqui) is married to the likes of Devi (Sridevi), Anand and Arya (Sajal Ali). Arya and Deva don’t like abundant. He conjointly often exposes his annoyance. however the fan is adapting to everything. Four folks square measure raped by Arya, Un agency visited party with friends. there’s conjointly Arya acquaintance Mohit. The statement issued by Arya between deaths and therefore the death of the police isn’t valid in court. so the court convicts the four Un  agency square measure guilty. Aryan’s mental condition are going to be ruined. What call will God create at this time what’s omnipotence for the injustice done to his family  to grasp the items that square measure to be seen within the film.


Movie cast:-

We don’t specifically say regarding Sridevi, Un agency could be a 50-year-old actor. Sridevi is acting in peaks in emotional scenes. She conjointly acted in each attack on her injustice. Sridevi’s performance in emotional scenes looks to be no alternative suit except her. Pakistani histrion Sajal Ali conjointly compete a pleasant role in her daughter’s role. Adnan Siddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Abhimanyu et al compete their roles.

Movie Plus points:-

Performance performance is wonderful. everybody within the scenes together with Sridevi has acted within the film. currently the Goswami photography is another and purpose for the film. each scene is extremely clarity. additional significantly, AR Rahman’s background score. Rehman breathed life into the scenes along with his BJM. writing is okay.

Movie Minus Points:-

The songs don’t seem to be scoped an excessive amount of. those don’t seem to be as massive and effective. Slow within the half. The editor should lookout of the case within the half. there’s nothing new regarding the story. within the case of the fateful cases, the ladies in major railway system cities have shown that they face any conditions.


If the family is unfair, if the family is in bother, what the most character of the film is doing is looking movies like snakelike and scene. thus there’s no age within the story. The audience can perceive however the first story are going to be. Emotional content is robust within the film. The girl of a research for a girl, and eventually a mother Un agency understands her mother’s love, However, such Associate in Nursing audience would really like to possess an honest audience. These films don’t like abundant for people that want youth and recreation. However, director Ravi has shown that the lady is doing injustice to if she is sweet-faced with matters encompassing the girl and her members of the family. we are going to be able to understand that there’s one thing within the minds of the folks around North American country, not simply within the type of Revenge show. These emotions square measure being administered in every scene. Storytellers also are and.

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