Sriramudinta Srikrishnudanta-Movie Review

Sriramudinta Srikrishnudanta

Sriramudinta Srikrishnudanta

Sriramudinta Srikrishnudanta-Movie Review

Release date : might twenty six, 2017
Director : Naresh Penta
Producer : K N rao
Music Director : Naresh Penta
Starring : Sekhar Varma, Deepthi Shetty

Continuing the trend of cheap films, Sreeramudinta Sreekrishnudanta is one film that has created a decent pre-release buzz. The film has free nowadays and let’s see however it’s.

Movie Story:-

Nandu(Deepthi Shetty) could be a village lady WHO needs to search out employment at any value in Hyderabad. She meets associate agent referred to as Gautam(Shekhar Varma) and handovers him some cash for her job purpose. Things take a reversion once Gautam runs away thereupon cash. Left with no selection, ratite bird heads back home. throughout her journey, she comes across Gautam and catches him red handed and brings him to her village and assigns him to her father. WHO is that this Gautam? What will he have to be compelled to do with Nandu? Why did he run away along with her money? however can he pop out of this mess? to understand answers to those queries, you would like to look at the film on the massive screen.

Movie Plus Points:-

The native scene appearance sensible and also the family drama that’s discovered once the hero enters heroine’s home has been showcased well. The manner heroine’s dad’s role has been designed is sort of spectacular. Also, the performance by Madhusudhana Rao is sweet throughout now. Deepti Shetty is apt because the village lady and is additionally sensible along with her performance. The computer graphics and production values ar prime notch because the film has been shot in lush inexperienced locales that look pretty sensible on screen. Hero’s sacrifice for the heroine and also the emotional drama has been handled well within the film. The climax terribly spectacular because the director has handled it in an exceedingly very mature manner.

Movie Minus Points:-

The director takes his own sweet time to ascertain the relationships and mentalities of the most forged and since of this, the proceedings look a trifle prolonged. constant is that the case for the scenes that includes heroine’s pa and hero. they give the impression of being a trifle repetitive when a degree. The comedy that’s generated through heroin’s friends batch is sort of boring. The manner hero’s real intentions ar discovered look a trifle too transparent. albeit the climax is sweet, it’s been bound up on a fast note. The title has additionally no correct justification to the proceedings showcased.

Movie Technical Aspects:-

As same earlier, computer graphics by Jayakrishna is extremely sensible because the rustic village visuals are showcased quite in good order. piece of writing is simply regarding okay and then is that the book. returning to the director Naresh, he has done associate okay job with this film. albeit, he had a decent plot, the manner he dead it’s partly okay. a number of his scenes look a trifle prolonged and repetitive however overall his try is sweet for a deb.

Movie Verdict:-

On the full, Sreeramudinta Sreekrishnudanta could be a passable family drama that has been fairly handled by deb director Naresh. However, some perennial scenes and lack of best-known faces will go against the film. Collections wise, the film may not had best however the country village visuals, lovely performances and also the feel funny story line makes this film value an attempt this weekend.

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