Toollywood Actor Srinivas Avasarala-Interview

Toollywood Actor Srinivas Avasarala

Srinivas Avasarala

Toollywood Actor Srinivas Avasarala-Interview

Srinivas Avasarala’s experimentation continues. in an exceedingly year once he contend a soft villain in ‘Gentleman’, he additionally directed the soft and nostalgic ‘Jyo Achyutananda’. That was last year. This Summer, he has done a genre that’s in total distinction to his real him: ‘Babu Baga Busy’, associate adult comedy. A fastidious actor, what will Srinivas hunt for in an exceedingly script? “I ought to be excited thus I will attend work each day. So, the story has got to be sensible 1st,” pat comes the reply.

Ask him regarding whether or not he was influenced by the male lead within the original, he says, “I hadn’t watched ‘Hunterrr’ before. I watched it just the once when this remake provide came to American state. I ne’er tried to imitate the performance of the male lead within the original. that will have looked fake”. It was fun doing the film, however Avasarala would be at his reticent self, which might prompt the bubbly Tejaswi Madivada to rag him. “It’s not like she wont to rag American state. She is energetic and that i am a quiet person. If, say, I did not say ‘Hi’ to her, she would pull my legs,” the actor shares.

We hear that Avasarala was concerned in finalizing the heroines. what’s the truth? “I had had a number of profiles whereas acting on my directorials. once Naveen Medaram (director) could not realize somebody apt for a task, I forwarded sure profiles, a number of that he liked ,” he reveals. Apart from serving to the manufacturers in selecting the ladies, he additionally participated in story discussions on being requested to try and do thus. “Naveen is equally full-fledged as i’m. once it involves script-writing, there aren’t any rights and wrongs. It’s regarding creating inventive selections,” he avers.

It’s believed that adult comedies do not go well with girls audiences. Is Avasarala skeptical for a similar reason? “I do not agree. I watched a vulgar comedy in an exceedingly theatre. half the audience were young girls, Un agency were enjoying it. Enjoying or not enjoying a film has nothing to try and do together with your gender. It depends on what you’re,” he analyzes. Has he been consciously selecting roles in distinction to at least one another “A myriad of roles do not return your approach simply because you would like to try and do them. One has got to be lucky still. I liked the role I did in ‘Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’, however it did not work,” he says, talking regarding luck.

From his movies, it’s over clear that Avasarala has associate ear for music. Having worn the hats of associate actor, director and author, does not he wish to undertake his hand at singing “I have plenty of respect for songs,” he says in an exceedingly lighter vein, deed nothing to imagination. As a director, will he wish to try and do what’s referred to as as “commercial cinema”? “I do not know what it means that. ‘Oohalu Gusagusalade’ and ‘Jyo Achyutananda’ fetched profits for all stakeholders. area unit they not business movies” he shoots back.

We get a lot of simple at this. can you ever do a movie with a combination of these typical masala parts, namely, action, comedy and romance? “May be, I will. Visibility is additionally vital,” Avasarala says with all honesty. A spiritual-minded person, Avasarala is nearly reclusive. “I am not social. I generally get bored regarding socialization. It takes time on behalf of me to heat up to folks,” he says. From being a nobody to somebody in Tollywood, he has for sure grownup in stature. however it took guts on his half to require a life-changing call whereas operating in United States of America many years past. “I did not tell regarding my filmi dreams to my family till ‘Ashta Chamma’ got discharged,” he says.

As somebody Un agency belongs to a precise faculty of cinema, he believes that writers ought to be to bear with attribute. “We don’t seem to be purported to work keeping leads to mind. It’s sort of a sport. One has got to fancy oneself whereas doing it. business success is that the last stage of the journey. There area unit many stages, including, writing, casting, production works, etc,” he says with slightly of ‘karma yogi’-ness. “Middle-class sensibilities excite American state. What excited American state with ‘Jyo Achyutananda’ happened to be enjoyed by the audience. it is not the opposite approach spherical. i’m happy that a lot of siblings started fixture up when looking the film,” he says with a way of satisfaction.

Avasarala needs to push boundaries. He refuses to believe that the Telugu audience area unit conservative, in contrast to movie industry lovers. “That our audience would not like associate adult comedy may be a false notion. folks area unit a similar all over. ‘Babu Baga Busy’ can realize its audience for a similar reason, for its budget and its aims,” he puts it rather honestly. We raise him regarding a concept that was asked to be sent as a script to Aamir Khan’s workplace. “I did not send it within the finish. a number of the ideas had been utilized in Telugu. it absolutely was a peculiar plan. is also some day once I get to satisfy him nose to nose, i’ll tell him the story,” he reveals. Saying that he did not feel uncomfortable whereas doing romantic scenes in ‘BBB’, Avasarala says that he’s trying forward to doing films which will be appreciated by a wider audience base. ‘Ami Tumi’, ‘Meda Meeda Abbayi’, a key role within the Allu Sirish Anand film area unit a number of his future movies.

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