Iddari Madhya Eighteen-Telugu Movie Review

Iddari Madhya Eighteen

Iddari Madhya Eighteen

Iddari Madhya Eighteen-Telugu Movie Review

Release date : Gregorian calendar month twenty one, 2017
Director : Nani Acharyaa
Producer : Shivaraj Patil
Music Director : Gantadi avatar
Starring : Ram Karthik, Bhanu Tripatri
Continuing the trend of the tiny budget films, one more immature person referred to as Iddari Madhya eighteen with newcomers Ram Karthik and Bhanu Tripatri has hit the screens these days. Let’s see however it’s

Story :-

Mahi(Ram Karthik) associated Hima(Bhanu Tripatri) meet one another at an industrial tour in Araku natural depression. Gradually, they get near one another and take up an equivalent project referred to as Mission eighteen that deals with a national security issue. can they complete their project successfully? what’s therefore special regarding this mission 18? and what issues they face throughout this point forms the remainder of the story.

Movie Plus Points :

Director Nani Acharyaa tried to relinquish a social message and his concern towards the state ought to be appreciated. Looks wise, hero Ram Karthik is okay. Heroine Bhanu Tripatri impresses together with her girl-next-door appearance and offers a good performance.
Dubbing in deep trouble the heroine is nice and suits her character well. News anchor Bithiri Sathi impresses in components together with his acting and typical Telangana slang. the primary song of the film has been picturised well because the Araku locations look lovely.
Minus Points :
The playscript is one amongst the most important drawbacks of the film because it runs on a uninteresting note while not one partaking scene. Most of the scenes within the film were left suddenly while not giving a correct ending. There ar several logicless scenes within the film like hero and heroine’s baggage obtaining changed that the hero ne’er notices it’s over the highest. Dialogues wise, the director tried some new format by oftentimes exploitation words like equation and feeling that irritate you when a degree of your time.

Movie Technical Aspects :

As aforesaid earlier, the theme of the film is nice however the director all unsuccessful in capital punishment it with a noteworthy background and fascinating playscript. filming by G.L.Babu is tight as he captured natural Araku locations well. written material by Marthand k Venkatesh isn’t up to the mark. Music by noted director Gantadi avatar is okay. 2 out of 4 songs within the film ar sensible to pay attention. Production values ar okay considering the film’s budget.

Movie Verdict :

On the complete, Iddari Madhya eighteen encompasses a sensible social message however director Nani Acharyaa all disappoints together with his uninteresting playscript and abrupt scenes. All people who expect some uproarious comedy from Bithiri Sathi are defeated to associate extent. Logicless scenes and a out-of-date narration makes this film an uneventful watch this weekend.

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