Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie Review – The impermanence of life

Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie Review

Rendu Rella Aaru

Rendu Rella Aaru

When we hear the title Rendu Rellu Aaru , the name Jaintia is that the name we tend to all keep in mind. With new actors, the new director created the title of the director’s interest in the way to create successful motion-picture show title. On the opposite hand, the film is being free by Varachi. Varahihi’s film that promotes sensible films has come back to unleash the film because the film is cathartic. Let’s head to the story to understand the connection between the first director and therefore the relationship of the jainti motion-picture show title to …

The Movie  story:-

The story runs from 2 fathers. each Raju (senior Naresh) and Rao (Ravikale) each square measure born kids at the same time. Rao is born lady. The son is born to the king. However, doctors say that each kids square measure whiskerless and twenty two years later they each die. don’t scrutinize their wives, the kings hide one’s downside from one to a different and alter the birth of the newborn. the 2 square measure within the Fri and therefore the kids square measure mixed. Rao’s married person and therefore the king’s married person need to marry their kids. It doesn’t look like the king and Rao kids. 2 kids mature with one another in conflict with each other. The boy (Anil Mallela), the lady Magi (Mahima), perpetually struggles, the story goes on, and within the event of 2 love fall enamored. need to urge married. Then the king, what is going to Rao do? can you tell the first thing? The magic of the crushed magic and the way to fall enamored with Maggie is to look at the motion-picture show …


The cast:

Hero has done well within the role of Anil Mallela Madi. that is what it’s all on the brink of tell the story instead of over-heroism. The comedy was conjointly winning. Heroine glory … the primary character to be heroine is that the fantastic thing about acting. Glimmer isn’t a glamour. Acting in terms of performance. Senior Naresh’s role within the role of Rajagiri was 100 percent justice. Naresh is seen within the acting role of his father once he’s within the house. Ravikale may be a villain within the film and therefore the role of a accountable father within the film, Ravi Kale has dubbed his soundtrack for his role. a lot of significantly, the role of a sot Ramesh. Ramesh has perpetually appeared within the motion-picture show. He laughs the audition within the half of acting.

Movie Plus points:

It ought to be mentioned earlier within the director’s bush. The story of hero and heroine within the motion-picture show version of the motion-picture show is delivered to the novel. one thing to inform a story is completely different from the contrary. straightforward to mention that the choice to require 2 turns is what turns the turns of six lives. the primary half the story are going to be comedy with the hero heroine within the story. Hero’s love heroine is breaking down, heroine love hero is wrecking hero all told comedy.

In the pre-climax, the hero and therefore the heroine apprehend the first story. The director and therefore the director of each emotions and confrontation of the 2 fathers. Anil Mallela, the wonderful performance. Venkat Amarnath Reddy picture taking is ideal. particularly within the half of the village, Elevated the sweetness of the village. Vijay bulliganin music is nice. Situational sangs, background scores square measure sensible. Difficulties come back to feature a lot of bond between husband and married person.


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