Rakshaka Bhatudu-Toollywood Movie Review

Rakshaka Bhatudu

Rakshaka Bhatudu

Rakshaka Bhatudu-Toollywood Movie Review

Rakshaka Bhatudu picture show review
Release date : could twelve, 2017
Director : Vamsi avatar Akella
Producer : A.Gururaj
Music Director : Sekhar Chandra
Starring : Prabhakar, Richa Panai, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji

Rakshaka Bhatudu’s initial look poster raised curiosity among the audience on World Health Organization the film’s main star was. This film that is directed by Vamsi avatar Akella has free these days. Let’s see however it’s.


Ram(Nandu) and Mythili(Richa Panai) ar some World Health Organization conceive to get hitched with on the Q.T.. They run away to a village referred to as Ananthagiri and obtain concerned altogether styles of hassle. This is the time once Anji(Sampoornesh Babu) enters the scene and saves the couple from all varieties of issues. World Health Organization is that this Anji? What will he have to be compelled to do with the couple? and World Health Organization is that the man behind the cop avatar that has been shown within the poster? to understand answers to any or all these queries, you would like to observe the film on the large screen.

Movie Plus Points:

Director Vamsi Krishna’s conception of protruding a true Rakshaka Bhatudu World Health Organization saves the society is tight enough. Heroine Richa Panai impresses together with her beauty and innocent appearance and plays her half well. Nandu is tight in his restricted screen presence and brings some depth to the climax episodes. Sampurnesh baboo did a good job and impresses along with his performance in components. Background score by Sekhar Chandra is sweet. Comedian Dhanraj, for the primary time, did a heavy and innocent role quite well.

Movie Minus Points:

Though director’s conception is okay, he failing miserably in corporal punishment it on screen. The gap shot of the film can generate some curiosity however from the terribly next scene, the film falls flat and doesn’t acquire one bit.
After a degree of your time, the audience gets thus irritated that they virtually rummage around for the exit doors. Star comedian, Brahmanandam’s comedy is one more disappointment and has no correct correct with the film.
Brahmaji and his team’s comedy episode within the police headquarters can take a look at your patience. amazingly, not even one scene within the film incorporates a correct conclusion. Noted actors like Supreeth and Kalakeya Prabhakar don’t have anything a lot of to try to to within the film.

Movie Technical aspects:

Director Vamsi avatar fully disappoints along with his illogical narration. when the primary fifteen minutes, he deviates the film fully along with his shoddy work. writing work by Amer Reddy is below par as most of the scenes within the film are cut dead. motion-picture photography by Malhar Bhatt Joshi is okay. Music by Sekhar Chandra is ok however his background score is even higher. Production values ar terribly poor.

Movie Verdict:

On the total, Rakshaka Bhatudu doesn’t contain something expect the ballyhoo that was created from its initial look poster. although the film’s conception is sweet, the execution half is frightful. Sampurnesh baboo is that the solely savior World Health Organization tries his best to bring some depth to the proceedings. however the poor production values and lack luster narration overshadow his performance and build this film a monotonous watch this weekend.

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