Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review-Sensible Chance Gone Waste

Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review

Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review

Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review-Sensible Chance Gone Waste

Release date : Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2017
Director : Krishna Kishore
Producer : M. Raj Kumar
Music Director : Sri Charan
Starring : Taraka Ratna, Lasya, Noel Sean, Revanth

Continuing the trend of tiny budget films, one more pic Raja Meeru Keka has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.

Movie Story:-

Ravi(Revanth), Swetha (Lasya), Shashank(Noel) and Seenu(Hemanth) area unit four best friends United Nations agency area unit pleased with their several jobs. One fine day, an individual named Nagaraju(Tarak Ratna) United Nations agency owns AN MNC enters the scene and creates an enormous disturbance within the lives of those four friends. What is that disturbance? however area unit Nagaraju and these four friends connected? however do these friends solve their problems? That forms the remainder of the story.

Movie Plus Points:-

The manner director Krishna Kishore has based mostly his story victimization some true incidents appearance sensible. Anchor Lasya is spectacular on screen and provides a good performance in her restricted screen presence. Looks wise, Revanth is nice and will okay in his role. Yule Sean is incredibly sensible along with his energetic performance. Mirchi Hemanth’s comedy temporal arrangement and expressions area unit very good. Mainly, all his episodes along with his father area unit uproarious. Tarak Ratna, United Nations agency is back once a brief gap is spectacular in his negative role and provides a settled performance. Heroine Sarayu is nice trying and suits the film well.

Movie Minus Points:

Though the director has chosen some true incidents, he utterly unsuccessful in capital punishment it. The film starts with AN diverting pattern however loses its grip once a while. Posani wasn’t utilised properly. Thirty years Prudhvi’s comedy has no correct temporal arrangement or finishing. Films that go with this sort story line ought to have correct conclusion And answer however the director has all taken facet track with an abrupt ending.

Movie Technical Aspects:-

As aforementioned higher than, the manner director Krishna Kishore deals with the film is extremely dissatisfactory. writing by Av Prasad isn’t up to the mark as several redundant scenes will be simply cut off. computer graphics by Ram.P.Reddy is tight. Music by Sricharan is okay however his background score impresses in elements. Production values area unit simply okay.

Movie Verdict:-

On the complete, Raja Meeru Keka features a sensible purpose script-wise however is totally upset by some shoddy execution. apart from Hemanth’s performance and his uproarious track along with his daddy, this film lacks correct depth within the proceedings and makes a monotonous anticipate this weekend.

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