Ninnu Kori Music Review- A Romantic Ride

Ninnu Kori Music Review

Ninnu Kori Music Review

Ninnu Kori Music Review- A Romantic Ride

The complete audio of Nani’s Ninnu Kori is finally out these days. Composed by the gifted Gopi Sundar, let’s currently see however this album seems to be.

Song 1: Unnatundi Gundey Unnatundi Gundey

Analysis: The album kicks off with a soothing romantic ballad Unnatundi Gunde that hits you instantly. Probably, one in every of the most effective romantic numbers within the recent times, this song clicks primarily due to Karthik and Chinmayi’s melodious singing. there’s associate degree old fashioned charm to the current song and at identical time, it’s quite modern with some catchy chorus lines. The orchestration is easy and is organized in keeping with the mood of the film. it’ll be an excellent larger hit once you watch the gorgeous visuals.

Adiga AdigaSong 2: Adiga Adiga

Analysis: The second song on the album is Adigya Adigya that is sort of a trendy refashion of a brilliant hit song. Once again, the mood is kind of romantic and takes you on a joyful ride with its stunning lyrics by Sreejo. Already, the song has caught on quite well and such picture numbers with marginal orchestration can sound and appearance even higher once you see the romantic chemistry between the lead combine on screen.

Song 3: Once Upon A Time LoOnce Upon A Time Lo

Analysis: Moving on, the third song within the album is Once Upon a time that could be a fun range wherever the hero is narrating his romance during a far-out manner with plenty of fun lyrics. Gopi Sundar keeps the mood of the song quite upbeat through his energetic beats. although the song starts off with some amusing lyrics, it becomes a break-up range mid-way through and turns massy that is extremely fascinating. Such songs can hit you a lot of when paying attention to them multiple times.

4: Hey Badhulu Cheppavey

Analysis: The fourth and last song on the album is Badulu Cheppave that could be a sort of a sorrow song. Generally, musicians create it with plenty of pathos however Gopi Sundar composes this range with some upbeat sounds that square measure quite trendy. Once again, the lyrics square measure heartful and are written with plenty of depth and makes this song quite fascinating to pay attention.

Movie Verdict:-

Off late, Nani has been taking excellent care of the music half in his films. it absolutely was clearly visible with Nenu native that had some hit numbers. Staying faithful its genre, Nani’s new film album, Ninnu Kori has some pretty romantic numbers composed soothingly by Gopi Sundar. Unnatundi Gunde, Adigya Adigya and Badulu Cheppave square measure our picks and can certainly get you hooked when paying attention to them multiple times. Finally, Nani features a winning album as Ninnu Kori’s songs square measure clearly geared toward the categories and Gopi Sundar is spot on together with his improvisation.

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