Nani Interview- I Okayed Ninnu Kori Even Before The Narration Was Complete

Nani Interview


Nani Interview

Natural star, Nani has been going nice guns in his career with back to back hits. Now, he’s back with a romance co-starring Nivetha Thomas and Aadi Pinishetty. On the occasion of the film’s unharness, we have a tendency to trapped with Nani for a close interview. Let’s see what Nani must say.
What attracted you towards Ninnu Kori?
I aforementioned affirmative to the film even before the director finished his narration. Of late, I feel that things became quite business and basic emotions ar being pushed away. In such a situation, Shiva came up with a fine looking script that had importance for each character and their emotions. Moreover, the romantic thread of finding love post your cut affected Pine Tree State success.

Working with a deb director?

The method director Shiva narrated the script was quite honest. He narrated the film while not adding any sugar coating that all administrators do whereas narrating their stories. he’s a really targeted person and that we collaborated success throughout the creating as most was makeshift throughout the shoots. Filmmaking may be a collective effort and any changes that I build ought to be fully approved by all my team members.

About Nivetha’s performance?

Once the film was okayed, we have a tendency to had several choices in mind however we have a tendency to felt that we’d like associate degree player World Health Organization can fully own the proceedings together with her acting performance which can be the key. Nivetha was the sole choice and he or she has given a surprising performance which can stand come in the film.

Don’t you think that you’re doing method too several love stories?

See, you wish to know that almost all of the Telugu films have love stories embedded within. it’s solely the established that changes and same is that the case with my film too. however the emotions ar real and that i haven’t done associate degree out and out romance like Ninnu Kori to this point.

When compared to your previous films, you look quite trendy?

The credit ought to move to Neeraja Kona World Health Organization has done costumes for our film. because the film relies within the US, I had to up my vogue to a small degree that is being appreciated everywhere.

Working with Aadi?

Once I and Nivetha were on, we have a tendency to were craving for the third character and at once, everybody steered Aadi’s name nem con. operating with him was most fun.  unique approach and he will surprise everybody along with his solid performance.

Music may be a Brobdingnagian hit. Tell US concerning that?

Gopi Sundar has done an excellent job with the music. the instant I detected the Adigya song, I told my unit that we’d like to unharness the song even before the teaser and whole audio. evidently, the song has become a rage and same is that the case with the remainder of the audio further. Music is that the soul of Ninnu Kori and can drive the film until the top.

Will Ninnu Kori continue your winning streak?

What am i able to say concerning that?. I pray and need that it continues and ne’er stops. however I too am human and  some day wherever all this may stop and therefore the Pine Tree Statedia will begin cacophonous me apart. Nothing is permanent during this trade and that i am ready for everything.

How has the life modified once the birth of your son?

Things are going smart to this point. As of now, it’s Arjun (Nani’s son’s name) and my career that i’m specializing in fully. As shortly as I bring to a close the shoot, I rush back home to play with him.

Future Projects?

As of now, i’m shooting for Dil Raju’s MCA. Then, I even have a movie with Merlapaka Gandi which can be yet one more screaming project. Post these 2 films, i will be able to work with Hanu Raghavapudi once more.

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