Interview : Nagarjuna-Chaitanya has opened like ne’er before in Rarandoi

Interview : Nagarjuna


Interview : Nagarjuna-Chaitanya has opened like ne’er before in Rarandoi

Rarandoi Veduka Choddam has been within the news for several reasons lately. The family drama is up for a unharness this Friday and that we held with Nagarjuna for an in depth interview.

How has the film turned out?

The film has clad exceptionally well and that i am terribly assured that it’ll be an enormous hit everywhere. I even have seen the film a minimum of a a hundred times on the writing table and therefore the family audience are sure a treat from Chay and Rakul Preet. The film may be a collective effort from everybody and a few stalwarts like Satyanand have worked on the script that created the film even higher.

What created you select Kalyan Krishna to direct this film?

Kalyan Krishna may be a excellent technician and is aware of the audience pulse utterly. once the success of Soggade, I felt he was the correct person to require the film forward. I conjointly had a 3 film contract signed with him and then he was the apparent alternative.

What’s new in Rarandoi Veduka Chooddam?

Relationships have modified plenty over the time. The means a boy and woman meet and the way they treat their family relationships and go with their selections during this current world has been shown very attention-grabbing manner.

Will Kamarupan Chaitanya be able to pull of a family drama like Rarandoi?

Chay has been born and remarked in utterly totally different sensibilities altogether. He contains a totally different approach towards his films however I Sabbatum him down and told him that it’s a requirement to try and do a movie like Rarandoi to induce a universal feeling. Believe me, he has done an exquisite job and has opened like ne’er before. he’s in excellent ease ahead of the camera and post the film’s unharness he are an excellent larger hit as a star.

About DSP’s music?

DSP and that i go a protracted means back. He has given some fantastic music for my films and even for Rarandoi, he’s the most important quality. He has such immense expertise that I created him sit at the writing table to recommend changes within the scenes or background score. Hindu deity may be a terribly onerous employee which is that the reason he’s on high of his game for quite lasting currently.

What does one ought to say regarding Chalapati Rao’s comments?

I wholly condemn his comments and would have done a similar if it’d are anyone else. nobody ought to encourage such statements that ar terribly dangerous to listen to.

About Rakul’s performance?

You will see a totally new Rakul during this film. i’m super affected together with her performance as she’s going to cue you of Sridevi and Tabu with this film. Rakul can win all of your hearts together with her standout performance within the film.

Looks like you’re cathartic the film on your own?

Yes ! as i’m terribly assured, i’m cathartic the film myself in areas like Nizam, Vizag and Krishna. generally you clearly knowledge the film has clad and then take an opportunity to distribute it yourself.

Talk is that you simply do sacred writing in Malayalam?

The makers had return to American state to play the role of Karna and that i am game for it. Things ar at terribly early stage and it’s higher to speak on condition that the film materialises.

Among each your son’s WHO has the producer’s streak more?

As of now, I even have asked each my sons to target their careers and focus a lot of on the post-production formalities of their films.

What does one ought to say regarding Baahubali’s success?

Rajamouli has raised the bar therefore high that it’s terribly tough to match up to him currently. each scene of his showcases unmatched quality and conjointly proves that if you set your egos aside and work for the betterment of the film, success can mechanically return.

About your forthcoming films?

After seeing the output of Raju bitter cassava Gadhi two, I even have ordered for a ten day re-shoot. i’m still reading scripts and hopefully can sign some comes.

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