Movie Review : Tik Tak -Silly Somebody

Tik Tak -Silly Somebody

Tik Tak

Movie Review : Tik Tak -Silly Somebody

Review : Tik Tak – Silly somebody
Tik Tak flick review
Release date : could nineteen, 2017
Director : Harinath Policherla
Producer : Harinath Policherla
Music Director : S & B Mill
Starring : Harinath Policherla, Mounika, Nishi Ganda
Entertaining star, Harinath Policharla, United Nations agency has earlier affected the Telugu audience together with his distinctive entertainers, is back with yet one more horror primarily based somebody Tik Tak that has discharged these days. Let’s see however it’s.


Harinath(Anji) could be a little time mechanic United Nations agency leads his life together with his relative-in-law Maha Lakshmi(Monika). All of a sudden , a personality named Preethi(Nishi Ganda) enters the scene Associate in Nursingd throws a challenge to Harinath to pay a couple of days along with her in an recent mansion known as Gantala house.
Anji accepts the challenge and enters the house together with his friends. What troubles do Anji and his friends face within the Bungalow? Why did Preethi throw this challenge? and the way will Anji deals with all his problems? That forms the remainder of story.

Movie Plus Points:

The gap shot that explains the existence of ghosts with Harinath’s vocalisation is nice. He didn’t strive something new and continuing his recent format in acting that could be a huge relief for the audience. one in every of the massive and points of the film is its crisp and short run-time. Harinath’s garage mates evoke some fun here and there. One of the heroines, Monika is tight in her role and affected along with her cute village lady appearance. The second heroine, Nishi Ganda’s skin show can attract the plenty. astonishingly, the second song within the film has been shot well with some excellent graphics work.

Movie Minus Points:

Harinath being a director disappoints the audience together with his boring narration. His lack of clarity on the story line and script clearly reflects within the boring proceedings. The horror component within the story is yet one more huge frustrated because it doesn’t have something unaccustomed supply.
Though the primary 5 minutes of the film appearance fascinating, the film falls flat and not even one scene impresses the audience from there on. Associate in Nursing item song that comes throughout the climax can check your patience and virtually irritates the audience.

Movie Technical aspects:

As aforesaid on top of, Harinath disappoints big-time as a director. He has to take a possibility and work on higher scripts. writing by Venkat Ramana is below par as most of the scenes and climax song may are simply sliced off. picture taking by P. Vamsi avatar is okay. Music by S&B Mill is tight because the background is spectacular in elements. Production values square measure low cost for this restricted budget film.

Movie Verdict:

On the full, Tik Tak has nothing unaccustomed supply for the audience. Harinath tries to inform one thing associated with ghosts and their existence however sadly, his narration and proceedings take the film off course. aside from the initial a part of the primary, the film could be a huge frustrated and might be simply avoided this weekend.

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