Director Mohanakrishna Indraganti-Interview

Director Mohanakrishna Indraganti

Director Mohanakrishna Indraganti

Director Mohanakrishna Indraganti-Interview

Noted director, Indraganti Mohankrishna, WHO tasted success along with his last film Gentleman is turning out with yet one more comedy soul Ami Thumi this June ninth. On this occasion, we have a tendency to had alittle interview session with him. Here is that the transcript.
Q) Tell US regarding the film?

A) Post Ashta Chamma, many of us asked Pine Tree State to set up for a sequel. Now, I’m assured that Ami Thumi are going to be a brand new version of Ashta Chamma.

Q) Any specific reasons for not creating a sequel to Ashta Chamma?

A) Firstly I don’t need to make the most on the success of any film. Secondly, the woman WHO acted as Nani’s sister within the film is not any a lot of, thus while not her character, I cannot set up a sequel.

Q) what’s main conception of Ami Thumi?

A) Adivi Sesh- Eesha, Srinivas Avasarala- Aditi area unit 2 young couples. What happens if a personality referred to as Shree Chilipi enters into their lives is that the main story. the complete story happens in one single day.

Q) Any reasons for casting in Eesha once more once Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha and Bandipotu?

A) Eesha may be a Telugu woman. she will be able to speak in each Andhra and Telangana slangs. Mainly, she will be able to provides a sensible variation in Telangana slang that was needed for the film. thus I roped in her for this film.

Q) however did you complete the complete shooting in precisely thirty odd days?

A) After the whole script was ready, we have a tendency to command a workshop for per week which helped US lots in finishing the shoot in an exceedingly short span.

Q) Why did you select to try and do alittle film once the success of Gentlemen?

A) In my view, the diligence we have a tendency to place sure each little and large films is that the same. I truly ready this script 5 years back itself. Initially, I planned to try and do Gentleman and later a movie with Kamarupan Chaitanya and as he was busy along with his committed comes, i made a decision to form this film within the meanwhile.

Q) What quite film area unit you designing with Chaitanya?

A) He has an honest image as a romantic hero. thus i’ll undoubtedly build a pleasant story with him.

Q) Your forthcoming projects?

Next, I even have set to maneuver faraway from rom-com entertainers and aiming to build a mobster film with a robust social message.

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