Marakathamani Movie Review-Few Laughs

Marakathamani Movie Review


Marakathamani Movie Review-Few Laughs

Release date : Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2017
Director : A.R.K. Saravanan
Producer : Sri Chakra Innovations and Rushi Media
Music Director : Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Starring : Aadi Pinisetty, Nikki Galrani

Continuing the trend of dubbed Tamil films, the new picture show that has commence nowadays is Aadi Pinisetty’s Marakatamani. Let’s see however this crime comedy is.

Movie Story :-

The story of the film is concerning AN ancient diamond known as Marakatamani. Over a period of time, all those who try to steal the prestigious stone keep getting killed in mysterious situations. This is the time when a small time smuggler played by Aadhi comes forward to rob Marakatamani. He approaches a pujari who suggests him to take the help of some evil spirits in order to stay alive and complete his tasks. What will Aadi do now? How will he create evil spirits? and moreover, how will he steal Marakatamani? That forms the rest of the story.

Movie Plus Points:-

On of the biggest plus points of the film is the way the evil spirits have been generated into the story line. The comedy that this thread evokes is very good most of the film. The small time crime comedy, villains chasing the hero and the various other spooky factors have been handled well. Aadi plays a crucial role and will a terribly sincere job. He mixes well with the setup and his track with Nikki Garlani is kind of fascinating. She features a distinctive role within the film and will extraordinarily well in her character. Ramdoss Un agency plays a key role of a spirit is humorous in his act. He beside his cluster save the film most of the time and evoke some excellent fun within the half.

Movie Minus Points:-

The story of the film is kind of fictional and has several over the highest moments. The evil spirits returning into existence and serving to the hero look sensible in places however has been over done somewhat within the half. Lack of far-famed faces will go against the film as there square measure all new Tamil actors taking part in crucial roles.
Nikki Garlani’s romantic thread with Aadi is aspect tracked and will are elevated somewhat. the primary 1/2 the film is incredibly slow because the proceedings take forever to induce to the particular twist of the film. tho’ the film has some sensible comedy throughout this point, the story does not move one bit. The villain’s thread though started interestingly, becomes quite silly by the time the climax arrives.

Movie Technical Aspects:-

The film’s set up looks good and the decent camerawork makes the scenes look quite interesting and spooky. The background score of the film is very impressive and elevates the film nicely. Dubbing done is just about okay and so were the production values. Coming to the director Saravanan, he has done an honest job with the film. His story appearance over the highest however he adds some clean and good humour at regular intervals and makes this film quite fascinating throughout the half. Had he rush the primary And brought the twist at an earlier stage, the film would are even additional fascinating.

Movie Verdict:-

On the full, Marakatami could be a passable fantasy heroic tale that has its moments. the manufacturers smartly induce sensible fun at regular intervals and aspect track the over the highest plot. If you ignore bound logics here and there and square measure okay with your time pass situational comedy, this crime thiller will be given an attempt this weekend.

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