Maa Abbai Movie Review – Routine Revenge Drama

Maa Abbai – Routine Revenge Drama

Maa Abbai – Routine Revenge Drama

Maa Abbai – Routine Revenge Drama

Maa Abbai motion picture review
Release date : Saint Patrick’s Day, 2017
Director : Vatti Kumar
Producer : Balaga Prakash Rao
Music Director : Suresh Bobbilisree vishu
Starring : Sree Vishnu, Chitra Shukla
Sree Vishnu, WHO affected the audience along with his acting in http://allmovies newzAppatlo Okadundevadu has come back up with yet one more action someone titled Maa Abbai. Directed by Vatti Kumar, this film has free nowadays. Let’s see however it’s

Story :

Sree Vishu is a straightforward going youth WHO leads a cheerful life along with his little and sweet family. He falls for a lady (Chitra Shukla) WHO lives in his colony and once things appear to be going fine, a act of terrorism fully changes his life the other way up. What issues will Sree Vishnu face throughout this point and the way will he takes his revenge forms the remainder of the story.

Plus Points :

Though director Vetti Kumar came up with a traditional story, he succeeded in combination family emotions and industrial components to some extent. Sree Vishu fully carried the film on his shoulders and has affected along with his acting in emotional scenes. He is fully projected in a very mass avatar and his dialogue delivery and energetic screen presence area unit smart. Heroine Chitra Shukla’s glamour is okay within the songs. The sister sentiment showcased within the film works well.

Minus Points :

Though the primary 1/2 the film is okay with some family moments, the half fully cracks track can illogical scenes. Hero finding his enemies and therefore the procedure he follows area unit laborious to digest occasionally. The book is one among the main demerits because it fully runs as per hero’s convenience. Some unwanted family episodes that are available in the pre-climax can irritate and take a look at the patience of the audience. Songs that come back at regular intervals fully divert the film’s flow.

Technical aspects :

Director Vatti Kumar’s narration is half-hearted. picture taking by Thama Shyam is nice. He tried his best to grant a grand look to the film. written material work by Marthand K Venkatesh is adequate. Production values area unit smart. Dialogues area unit tight so was the music.

Verdict :

On the total, Maa Abbai may be a routine industrial revenge drama that comes Sree Vishu in a very complete mass avatar. The film has nothing new provide however some tight family emotions and mind games create this film a below average fare this weekend. Watch it at your liesure.

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