Rs 2.25 large Integer & Luxury Car Offered For Nikhil-Latest Movie News



Rs 2.25 large Integer & Luxury Car Offered For Nikhil-Latest Movie News

Making films with Star Heroes has become quite risky lately. Why as a result of the budgets have gone up to the vary of Rs seventy to a hundred large integer inspite of poor success rate. Even those films that are termed as hits weren’t winning vast profits for the Producers. Hence, Majority of the Producers ar banking heavily on medium-range heroes like Nani, Sharwanand and Nikhil WHO are maintaining smart success rate within the past 3-4 Years. For example, Nikhil’s ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’ earned three Times over the investment. tho’ ‘Keshava’ is simply a median, It fetched double the investment for Producer. That’s why, plenty of Producers are in race for doing a motion picture with this Minimum-Guarantee Hero.

Nikhil set to remake Tamil flick ‘Kanithan’ this point. Volunteer State Santhosh, director of Tamil version, can work for Telugu remake in addition. Actually, Kalaipuli S Thanu WHO made the initial thought of bankrolling the remake. However, Few Telugu Producers are lobbying arduous for grabbing this chance. A Producer even placed a profitable deal before Nikhil. He secure to supply Rs two.25 large integer & a luxury volvo automobile as his pay package if the Young Hero will the motion picture for his banner. Nikhil is however to require a turn the selection of Producer & he’s during a little bit of perplexity at this time.

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