Lanka Movie Review-Toollywood News

Lanka Movie Review

Lanka Movie Review

Lanka Movie Review-Toollywood News

Lanka Movie Review
Release date : April twenty one, 2017
Director : Srimuni
Producers : Namana Dinesh, Namana Hindu deity Kumar
Music Director : Sricharan Pakala
Starring : Raasi, Sai Ronak, Ena Saha
After a protracted gap, time heroine, Raasi is back with a motivating heroic tale known as Lanka. The film that is directed by her husband Sri Muni has hit the screens these days. Let’s see however it’s.

Story :-

Swathi(Ina Saaha) may be a South Dravidian sensation World Health Organization comes right down to Hyderabad for her personal work. Right once the time comes for her to urge back, she decides to act in an exceedingly short film. The proceedings move to a guest house that is owned by Rebecca(Raasi). Things become quite robust for Swathi as married woman starts heavy her throughout the shoot with psychic communication. The twist within the tale arises once Swati goes missing from action and therefore the cops mechanically nab married woman. Why did married woman bother Swathi? what’s the entire psychic communication connection? to understand answers to those queries, you wish to observe the film on the massive screen.

Movie Plus Points :-

The basic plot of the film may be a bit attention-grabbing that deals with psychic communication. Raasi’s performance throughout the climax is pretty tight. Comedy generated by Satya and his friend evokes some laughs throughout the primary 0.5. Supreet is okay because the strict cop. Production values of the film ar pretty sensible. the primary 0.5 has some tight moments because the script’s suspense in maintained for many of the time. Interval bang is tight.

Movie Minus Points :-

One of the largest drawbacks of the film is that it’s means too complicated. once a degree, you ne’er perceive what’s occurring within the film. Too several subplots and unwanted twists are created simply to create things attention-grabbing and this appearance quite irritating. Just after you suppose that the film is creating some sense, a special situation is made to bore the audience. Raasi’s performance throughout the police headquarters scenes is thus over the highest and may you place off at once. The last half goes for a toss and twists keep coming back one once the opposite. The narration of the film is thus unhealthy that an honest plot is spoiled with some unwanted and compelled creativeness that the director wished to showcase.

Movie Technical Aspects :-

Background score is simply concerning okay so was the art direction. Dialogues were tight however the lighting tricks was pretty sensible. The tense scenes and therefore the seriousness of the topic are shown well. writing is pathetic as a minimum of twenty minutes of the film might are simply emended out. Coming to the director Muni, his script on paper is nice however his execution is ugly. He ought to blame himself for confusing the audience means too repeatedly with some illogical and dragged out scenes that spoil the film fully.

Movie Verdict :-

On the entire, Lanka is one film that might are lots higher if it absolutely was dead in an exceedingly straightforward means. supererogatory twists, an excessive amount of of comedy and a posh narration makes this film think again the highest of audience head. aside from some weight in Raasi’s character, this film has nothing new supply this weekend.

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