Keshava Movie Review-Trendy Revenge Drama

Keshava Movie Review

Keshava Movie Review

Keshava Movie Review-Trendy Revenge Drama

Keshava picture review
Release date : might nineteen, 2017
Director : Sudheer Varma
Producer : Abhishek Nama
Music Director : Sunny M.R ,Starring : Nikhil, Ritu varma, Isha Koppikar

Right from the time the trailers of Keshava discharged, there has been an excellent buzz for this film. the manufacturers have gone all out and conjointly promoted the film on a large scale. The gritty revenge drama has finally hit the screens these days and lets see however it’s.

Movie Story :-

The story of the film relies on a law university student called(Keshav) United Nations agency is on an enquiry all the way down to kill all those that destroyed his family during a dreadful accident. Keshava commits a series of murders and a special officer(Isha Koppikar) is appointed to traumatize the case. remainder of the story is on however Keshav dodges the cops and completes his revenge with the assistance of Satyabhama(Ritu Varma).

Movie Plus Points :-

Keshava is doubtless Nikhil’s film until the last scene. Credit ought to visit the young actor for selecting such a dark role and essaying it with lots of ease. Nikhil’s performance is one amongst the most important assets of Keshava. Right from the primary scene, he holds his emotions with and showcases however intense he will get in his act. The method he goes regarding committing his crimes and provides a settled performance can win him lots of commendation. Yet another advantage of the film is that the trendy narration by Sudheer Varma. albeit he chooses a routine script, the method he has showcased it during a trendy manner is what clicks. The method he reveals the film chapter wise and brings in varied twists in smart. Vennela Kishore’s comedy works supremely well for the film. The ace comedian is in his components along with his delicate nonetheless humorous act. Ritu Varma appearance good and with competence supports Nikhil altogether his endeavors. The suspense that’s generated throughout the primary 0.5 is extremely smart and has been showcased during a absorbing manner. Isha Koppikar makes a good comeback and may be a good match because the cop. Anasuya’s voice suits Isha utterly.

Movie Minus Points :-

The story of the film is kind of straightforward and there’s nothing a lot of to seem forward because the film runs utterly on the playscript. albeit the motive is nice enough for the hero to require revenge, things might are showcased during a additional absorbing and harsh manner for the audience to induce connected. The heart disorder that is showcased through Nikhil’s character has not been dealt well. The director had an honest probability of elevating the proceedings trough this drawback however he omitted on the prospect.

Movie Technical Aspects :-

Keshava may be a terribly trendy film that has take off within the recent past. Diwakar Mani’s computer graphics is astounding as he maintains the mood of the film along with his lighting and intense visuals. The drone shots accustomed showcase the varied chases and tense scenes look wonderful. Background score is okay and will are higher. Sunny M R’s music is simply regarding okay and has nothing a lot of to speak regarding. written material is kind of sleek then was the art direction. Production values by Abhishek footage area unit high notch because the little cities in Godavari region are showcased lavishly. Coming to the director Sudheer Varma, his strength has perpetually been a trendy narration and with this film too, he has created a straightforward subject look quite intense. The method he goes regarding extracting performance from Nikhil and presents the film may be a serious note is extremely smart. Credit ought to visit him for not shying far from the theme by adding inessential business components. However, he races the film throughout the last half and takes some medium liberties.

Movie Verdict :-

On the total, Nikhil yet again lives up to his expectations and comes out with a special crime adventure story. His performance is high notch and is that the mainstay of the film. trendy narration by Sudheer Varma, partaking half and sensational visuals area unit basic assets of the film. However, the film dips slightly throughout the last half with too several things happening quickly. If you retain your expectations under control and go well ready, Nikhil and team can make sure you a trendy crime adventure story to observe this weekend.

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