Kaadhali Picture Show Review-Confused Story

Kaadhali Picture Show Review


Kaadhali Picture Show Review-Confused Story

Release date : June sixteen, 2017
Director : Pattabhi R. Chilukuri
Producer : Pattabhi R. Chilukuri
Music Director : Prasan Praveen Shyam
Starring : Harish Kalyan, Sai Ronak, Pooja K. Doshi

Kaadali is one film that has been promoted quite heavily within the recent past. Touted to be a triangular story, the film has hit the screens everywhere these days. Let’s see however it’s.

Movie Story:-

The story of the film is a couple of lower-middle-class woman referred to as Bandhavi(Pooja) Un agency is uninterested with all her wedding alliances obtaining discontinuous at the moment. Left with no selection, she decides to search out the person of her life herself. In this method, she comes across 2 young guys contend by Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan and starts obtaining near them. The twist within the tale arises once each the boys fall neck deep gaga together with her. What can Bandhavi do now? Un agency will she choose as her life partner? That forms the remainder of the story.

Movie Plus Points:-

The basic story of chemical analysis 2 guys at a time appearance quite up to date and has conjointly been handled properly within the half. each the young heroes area unit very handsome and play their elements convincingly until the tip. Sai Ronak suits the made boy’s role absolutely and will well in his character that has some negative bit. however it’s Harish Kalyan UN agency gets a meaty role and therefore the emotional bit in his character offers him a grip within the film. All his scenes together with his mother have take off quite nicely. The romantic scenes that are dead with every of the hero that includes the heroine have conjointly take off well. Some family emotions conjointly work to An extent. Bhanu Avirineni, Un agency will the doctor’s role is nice together with his comedy.

Movie Minus Points:-

One of the most important drawbacks of the film is it’s painfully slow. The proceedings take their own sweet time to form for the particular twist that is additionally terribly inevitable. although the heroine appearance smart, an excessive amount of of stress is on her character and a identified face would have helped matters plenty.
The half of the film goes down fully as several scenes keep continuance. All they show could be a heroine’s quarrel with every hero and a heartache song. The romance is gone and heroine’s angle and therefore the means she is caught between the 2 is additionally showcased very boring and routine manner. The climax of the film conjointly appearance outright silly because the major reason why the woman chooses a selected hero isn’t explained properly. the tip is wrapped in a very hurry because the heroine simply chooses one among them and therefore the scenes that showcases this have completely no depth.

Movie Technical Aspects:-

Production values of the film area unit excellent keeping the budget in mind. Most of the film is shot in Sri Lanka and therefore the spectacular special effects showcases the film in a very smart lightweight. Music by Praveen Shyam is good and then was the background score. Dialogues were good and then was the got wind of of the film. piece of writing was groggy because the manufacturers might have altered out such a lot content from the film. Coming to the director Pattabhi, although he selected a completely unique purpose, he defeated in his execution. He narrated the primary 0.5 in a very good means with some smart scenes that includes the 3 main characters. however post the intermission, he failed to have abundant to showcase and created the film wander here and there. there’s conjointly no correct justification shown as he diluted the heroine’s role and created her silly within the finish.

Movie Verdict:-

On the full, Kaadali includes a up to date story however is saddened by some lazy execution. Some romantic moments here and there entertain the audience however the remainder of the film is painfully slow. each the heroes, Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan look quite promising and may move within the future. All people who like love stories will provide this film a trial however they have to travel in well ready because the film takes it own sweet time to unfold.

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