Interview : Nikhil-I even Have Tried One Thing Very Completely Different in Keshava

Interview : Nikhil


Interview : Nikhil-I even Have Tried One Thing Very Completely Different in Keshava

Young hero Nikhil, has been performing some terribly fascinating films within the recent times. Once again, he’s back with an exciting revenge drama referred to as Keshava. On the eve of the film’s unharness, we have a tendency to trapped with Nikhil for a awfully elaborate interview wherever he parades regarding his films and wedding.

How tense ar you regarding the film’s release?

I am terribly finite as my film is starting at a time once Baahubali continues to be going sturdy. I even have tried one thing very completely different for the terribly 1st time and am curious to seek out out the reaction of the audience.

Keshava is your biggest unharness to this point. however will it feel?

I feel quite happy because the film is gap in near 650 locations everywhere. The film is gap in places like Australia, Europe, and lots of alternative places that could be a 1st on behalf of me and that i am super excited.

Off late, your films are thirstily expected. however will it feel?

I feel thus broken with all the love that i’m obtaining. I convey all the media and fans World Health Organization write and speak thus completely regarding my films. My responsibility has mature towards them and that i hope that i will be able to live to any or all their expectations within the coming back days moreover.

What attracted you towards Keshava?

Firstly, I even have ne’er done a significant action film to this point. Secondly, the script had plenty of scope on behalf of me to showcase my acting skills. The feeling that’s generated through my character is kind of intense and can shock several.

What reasonably inputs does one provide to your directors?

I simply choose stories that I feel can attractiveness to any or all and have one thing on behalf of me to perform. Once the script is secured, I ne’er interfere within the picture taking half and leave it to the administrators.

Keshava has created an honest ballyhoo. can your film sustain it?

Yes in fact. I feel that during this wave of Bahubali, our film has managed sensible|an honest ballyhoo that is nice because the openings that we are going to get from the primary days are quite good for the producers to induce into the safe zone.

Your director Sudheer says that he was blown away together with your performance?

Laughs! The audience has to decide whether or not my work is nice or not. I even have given everything for my film and tried to showcase the actor in ME with Keshava. I hope everybody likes my performance.

This year you complete 10 years within the business. however will it feel?

More than something, I feel terribly lucky to own survived these 10 years. there’s most of competition around and one has to do various things each time to remain within the game. Luckily, things ar figuring out on behalf of me and that i pray this sensible section stays forever.

Grabbing distinctive films is kind of troublesome. however can you manage that within the future?

Luckily, I even have been obtaining sensible films thus far and with Telugu cinema dynamical most within the recent year roughly, I feel that administrators can for certain return up to ME with completely different scripts. My next few films ar quite fascinating and ar completely different from one another fully.

When are you obtaining married?

Laughs again! there’s plenty of pressure on ME to induce married from my folks. we have a tendency to ne’er apprehend happen however mine will for certain be a love ejaculate organized wedding as i’m yearning for that somebody special in my life.

Your approaching projects?

I am doing Associate in Nursing out and out school film next which is able to be directed by Raju Sundaram. I even have Karthikeya sequel with Chandoo Mondeti and another action film lined up.

Finally, total up Keshava for us?

Keshava is Associate in Nursing intense revenge drama that has been narrated in quite an retro reasonably a mode. The method the story moves forward with some intense emotions and twists are the highlight of the project. With that, we have a tendency to finished our speech with Nikhil and needed him the most effective of luck for his film. be careful this area for Keshava’s complete picture review.

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