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DJ Movie Music Review

Duvvada Jagannadham

Duvvada Jagannadham Movie New Posters-Movie News

The complete audio of Allu Arjun’s DJ is finally out nowadays. Composed by Hindu deity Sri Prasad, let’s currently see however this album seems to be.

Song 1: DJ

Analysis: The album kick starts with the title song DJ that could be a typical paste-up range composed to elevate the hero’s greatness. albeit the song is good, it’ll hit on to you simply once you hear it multiple times. Vijay Prakash sings this crazy range that includes a rock primarily based feel to that. The lyrics by Jonnavittula nicely suit the mood of the song and this range are an excellent larger hit once you watch Allu Arjun during a fashionable avatar.

Song 2: Badilo Vodilo

Analysis: The second song and possibly the most effective song on the album is Badilo Vadilo that has already become a rage everywhere. the most effective a part of the song is that the melodious singing by Chitra World Health Organization provides the song a vintage bit. Hindu deity showcases his category as he nicely mixes the song with some nice western and Indian beats that create this song a chartbuster. The dance moves area unit already a success and this is often the most effective of the ton within the recent times.

Song 3: Mecchuko

Analysis: Moving on, the third song within the album is Mechuko, that could be a fun teasing range. Hindu deity goes old fashioned for this range and brings in his typical mass beats. The hook-up line has been nicely latticed during this song that has additionally been sung energetically by Nakkash Aziz. The lyrics area unit quite funny and also the lots can simply love this song with all the lungyi steps that have gone microorganism already.

Song 4: Seeti crater

Analysis: The fourth song within the album is Seeti crater that could be a spirited dance range that has particularly been composed keeping Bunny’s saltation capability in mind. The orchestration is extremely upbeat and Jaspreet Jazz brings a awfully western bit to the present song together with his voice. you’ll expect some crazy dance moves as DSP has induced some well-balanced beats and makes this song a decent fun range within the album.

Song 5: Box Baddalaipoye

Analysis: No Hindu deity Sri Prasad album is complete while not a nucleon number and same is that the case with DJ too. DSP saves his singer brother Sagar for this nucleon number and brings in Geeta Madhuri World Health Organization has become a professional in crooning these kind of songs that area unit all instant hits. The hook-up line and massy beats cause you to dance directly and each visually and audio-wise, this song are one more classic in DSP’s all time mass hit numbers list.

Movie Verdict:-

One will simply say that DJ is certainly not a much better album than Allu Arjun’s previous audio Sarrainodu. Having same that, Hindu deity Sri Prasad makes certain that he provides some hit songs that suit each state of affairs within the film. there’s one thing for everybody and DSP’s tracks can grow on you slowly. Badilo Vadilo, Box Baddalaipoye and Mecchuko area unit our picks and can be even larger hits once the film releases.

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