Keshava Movie Director Sudheer Varma-Exclusive Interview

Keshava Movie Director Sudheer Varma

Sudheer Varma

Keshava Movie Director Sudheer Varma-Exclusive Interview

Director Sudheer Varma is one technician, Un agency is understood wide for his taut narration in his films. when a spot of 2 years, he’s back with associate hard-hitting revenge drama referred to as Keshava. On the occasion of the film’s unleash, we tend to fixed with Sudheer and spoke at length concerning his new film and future plans. Let’s see what he has got to say.
Why did you are taking a protracted gap when Dochay?

I was imagined to build a movie with Ravi Teja however that project was delayed because of some circumstances. So, I had to vary my plans and wrote Keshava and created it with Nikhil.

Why does one have such deep feeling for crime thrillers?

Somehow, i’m a lot of fascinated therewith genre and that i feel that such films ar my core strength. I continually feel that one ought to build films in what he’s best at. that’s why you’ll not see American state creating romantic family entertainers like Bommarillu. even supposing i like observation such films, my strength lies within the serious crime thrillers.

What is Keshava all about?

Keshava is associate out and out revenge drama with some ne’er before seen gritty emotions. the essential plot is all concerning Nikhil taking revenge however the means the proceedings ar narrated and showcased is that the basic USP of the film.

Was Nikhil continually your initial selection for Keshava?

As i made a decision to try and do a movie with Nikhil when Dochay, I wrote this story keeping him in mind. each scene that’s showcased within the film is barely written for Nikhil and therefore the role he plays.

Nikhil is taking part in a dark role. what proportion justice has he done?

I am terribly assured that Nikhil can blow everybody away together with his performance. The means he has showcased the emotions and command the character is simply too sensible. I bear in mind showing some key scenes to Sukumar and he was bowled over with Nikhil’s performance and aforementioned that he has not seen any actor in recent times Un agency has command emotions of a personality with such impact. Such words from administrators like Sukumar ar solely a symptom on however Nikhil can shock everybody in Keshava.

Why did you add the guts disorder for Nikhil’s character?

I needed the character to own a foothold. As my hero is on a deadly revenge mode and has all the emotions hid within him, we tend to thought what if he had some health disorder and the way will such someone take revenge. Such aspects are going to be quite fascinating and showcased in an exceedingly a lot of medium means.

Keshava has created large expectations for itself. does one assume the film can rise up to it?

Yes  i’m 100 percent positive that Keshava can for certain full fill everyone’s expectations. i’m terribly assured and feel that the film has pop out even higher than Swamy Ra Ra and can for certain surprise all. The emotions ar quite sturdy and there’ll be no disturbance within the style of inessential industrial components.

Even the run time is incredibly short. Any major reason behind this?

As or film may be a serious revenge drama, we tend to failed to wish any disturbance. Anyways, the audience currently has sure expectations from Nikhil and are available to the theaters to ascertain him doing one thing new. nobody desires to ascertain his dances or fights and this was the key reason we tend to created the film to the purpose.

How has the film turned out?

The film has clad to quite what I planned. throughout the censor certification, I bear in mind 2 girl officers walking up to American state and congratulating American state for my work. This solely proves that the feeling that I showcased can gel with all sections of the audience.

Tell United States however you move performing on your films?

I continually visit shoot only I actually have a sure script in hand. Once i’m on the sets, there’s completely no confusion in my mind. what’s there on the paper are going to be on screen as everything is in my head and that i operate with utmost clarity.

All your films ar content driven. does one assume can you be ready to work with a star hero?

Why not  i’m someone UN agency will simply mildew to the given circumstances. The star hero brings lots of weight to the project and that i got to cater to his image and build my film. I actually have a couple of subjects in mind that I actually have written just for star heroes. could also be when 2 years, things can represent place once i buy a lot of quality as a director.

Camerawork appearance gorgeous. Tell United States concerning that?

A new technician referred to as Diwakar Mani has worked on the film and post-Keshava, he can for certain visit nice heights. His camerawork are going to be one among the most important highlights within the film and a few of the shots captured have not return informed Telugu screen so far.

Tell United States concerning the supporting forged of the film?

Apart from Nikhil, the performance of the supporting forged can stand call at the film. Isha Koppikar is superb together with her cop role then is Ritu Varma as a educatee. Rao Ramesh are going to be seen in yet one more unforgettable role and therefore the basic suspense and twists of the film can impress everybody.

Tell United States concerning your family?

I am primarily from Bheemavaram and am married merrily with 2 children. they’re an enormous pillar of support and that i don’t embody them in any of my gauzy commitments as I feel that family life ought to be quite personal.

Upcoming projects?

My next film is with Sharwanand and can begin rolling in July or August. it’s associate action heroic tale wherever i’ll be showcasing Sharwa in an exceedingly utterly new avatar. Then my script for Ravi Teja’s film is prepared. solely he will play that role and am looking ahead to him to end his commitments in order that we are able to begin the project. it’ll be an incredible crook flick.

Finally, add up Keshava for us?

I want everybody to come back ready that Keshava are going to be associate out and out revenge drama. The things and narration are going to be quite new for the audience and that i hope everybody can love my film.
With that, we tend to over our interview with Sudheer Varma and needed him the most effective of luck for his film. Keep observation this area for the whole review of Keshava on the nineteenth of might.

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