Director Nandu Interview-Iam Doing My Next With Sai Korrapti

Director Nandu Interview

Director Nandu Interview

Director Nandu Interview

The supposed production house, Vaaraahi Productions are cathartic one more immature family somebody Rendu Rellu Aaru that is scheduled for a Gregorian calendar month eighth unharness. On this occasion, we have a tendency to had alittle invoice chat with the film’s director ratite. Here is that the transcript.
Q) what’s the precise which means of Rendu Rellu Aaru?

How a decision taken by two individuals influences six people’s lives is the main theme of the film. That is the reason we named the film Rendu Rellu Aaru.

Q) How is the film going to be?

The storyline of the film is quite unique and is a romantic family entertainer. The audiences will definitely love it as there is enough comedy and fun to impress everyone.

Q) Why did you reveal the story in the trailer itself?

As I’m a newcomer, no one will come to watch the film by seeing my name. So, we decided to reveal the story and attract the audience.

Q) Reports are coming in that you have totally tried different comedy with Thagubothu Ramesh?

Yes! His role is a surprise package in the film. That is the reason we didn’t reveal him in the posters or trailer. It will be very different from his previous roles.

Q) How did Sai Korrapati come forward to release this film?

Initially, I tried to approach him with the same story but unfortunately, I could not get his appointment. Later, I started the film with a different producer and completed it. Sai Korrapati saw the film and once the primary twenty minutes, he set to unharness it.

Q) What quite films will we have a tendency to expect from you within the future?

If not huge budget films, i will be able to a minimum of keep on with creating tiny and substantive films. i like to form films that replicate upper-middle-class family life.

Q) are you progressing to build your next film on Vaaraahi banner?

Yes! Sai Korrapati sir secure Me  that he manufacture a movie on behalf of me. with the exception of that, I actually have one more project that continues to be in scripting stages.

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