Director Harish Shankar Interview- I Even Have A Script Prepared for Pawan Kalyan

Director Harish Shankar 

Harish Shankar

Director Harish Shankar Interview- I Even Have A Script Prepared for Pawan Kalyan

Allu Arjun’s DJ is about for a vast unharness tomorrow. On this occasion, we tend to held with the film’s director Harish Shankar for an in depth interview. Let’s see what he must say.
Why did you showcase a trendy star like Bunny a Brahmin’s role?

Firstly, don’t you think that Brahmin’s are terribly fashionable. when seeing lots of tiny disturbances within the society, i used to be annoyed lots however couldn’t do something and wrote Bunny’s role keeping his image in mind.

Is Allu Arjun taking part in a double role within the film?

That is a prime secret and you would like to observe the film to search out out. The approach we’ve showcased Bunny’s role are going to be quite shocking and he has ne’er done a personality like this earlier that makes things even additional fascinating. Bunny can look his fashionable best and also the approach he has worked on the Brahmin character can leave everybody in splits.

About the arguing encompassing Asmaika song lyrics?

A section of the Brahmin community was quite displeased and that i created them perceive the particular which means behind the lyrics. As a number of them weren’t glad, I revered their feelings and adjusted their lyrics. nobody puts up stuff purposely to harm anyone and one should perceive that before going legal.

Too much is claimed regarding the climax. Tell North American country regarding that?

For the primary time, i made a decision to possess a novel climax instead of the regular fights that includes villain gang. The ending can have lots of thrill which can be showcased in an exceedingly uproarious manner.

Similarities with Gentleman and Adhurs?

I like to clear one factor that there ar numerous films wherever hero plays a cop or associate NRI which doesn’t mean we tend to stop creating films. Similarly, as there ar only a few films created on Brahmin characters, they stand out and obtain noticed simply. DJ is obscurity near those films associated is an someone with lots of feeling.

What does one have to be compelled to say regarding the negative promotional material for DJ?

Social media is sort of a weapon that has 2 ends. With one finish we tend to get excellent promotional material and also the reach is big. however at an equivalent time, there’s conjointly a scope wherever one will slam the film with only one tweet and it’s showcased worldwide. Things written by kids or anti-fans on social media got to go down as there’s no fun in it any longer.

How does one handle criticism?

I am terribly receptive criticism and don’t mind taking flak if my films don’t work. At an equivalent time, I feel that criticism ought to be constructive and keep among the restrictions of my film.

Future projects?

I am going to direct a plan based mostly film for Dil Raju garu. it’ll be in his faculty of constructing and can not have any violence alternative artificial industrial parts.

When can you’re employed with Pawan and Chiru?

It has been four months since I met Pawan Kalyan. I continuously have a script prepared for him and whenever he has time, i’ll narrate it to him. coming back to Chiranjeevi garu, i would like to try and do a movie like Donga Mogudu and Rowdy Alludu that i’ll certainly build sooner or later.

Finally, however does one manage relationships in Tollywood?

With all my expertise within the business, I will solely say that everybody within the business is barely when success. The additional prosperous you’re, additional folks can approach you for films. there’s no place for relationships here.

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