Google’s Blunder On Dance Master Sekhar-Movie News

Dance Master Sekhar Movie News

Dance Master Sekhar

Dance Master Sekha-Movie News

We netizens feel that there’s no got to show our mental object to the others by requesting a solution, wheneve we have a tendency to get a doubt. we have a tendency to blindly approach Google.. and that we get correct answer or typically we discover how to urge the solution. however we must always not believe that Google is 100% correct. If you’ve got a doubt, simply google regarding our Telugu creator Sekhar Master. he’s standard & he’s one in every of the highest choreographers in Telugu films currently. prime Lechipodhi, Pucca native, Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu square measure the few chartbusters that he composed dance. If you search his name the result can straightaway stun you. It shows our sekhar master’s images however it’ll show his death date as 2003…OMG.. however is it attainable. however Google may do this to our favorite choreographer.

If that’s true, then however did he compose Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu song  If we have a tendency to dig deeper, we are going to grasp that there’s another Tamil creator named JV Sekhar. Google is showing the small print of JV sekhar & showing the pics of our Sekhar master. It appears Google has been tired and urgently desires a prospect.. stop mistreatment it for a minimum of each day guys .

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