Beautician Sirisha & SI Death Mystery Hunted Person-Political News

Beautician Sirisha & SI Death Mystery 

Beautician Sirisha

Beautician Sirisha & SI Death Mystery Hunted Person-Political News

Hyderabad commissioner Mahendar Reddy control a news conference these days to shared the findings of the investigation into the mysterious deaths of journeyman Sirisha and SI Prabhakar Reddy. Make-up performer Vijayalakshmi alias Sirisha, UN agency may be a native of achanta in West Godavari, wont to work as make-up performer. She was married to Satish Chandra 13-Years-Ago. The couple have a 12-Year-Old female offspring. Since four years, Sirisha has been operating with Vallabhaneni Rajeev Kumar UN agency may be a wedding lensman. She wont to work as make-up performer for bride and groom for these weddings. Sirisha associated Rajeev had an extra-marital affair throughout this era.

Recently, Rajeev and Tejaswini (Techie) thought of marrying when falling smitten. But, Rajeev unbroken ignoring Tejaswini since few days. So, Tejaswini visited his studio in Film Nagar and came to understand regarding his extra-marital affair. A clash passed between Sirisha and Tejaswini on might thirtieth. Rajeev educated cops regarding it and that they were provided guidance within the station.

Sravan (Rajeev’s Friend) sought-after the assistance of Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy to settle the dispute. On June twelfth, Rajeev, Sirisha and Sravan visited Kukunoorpally during a automobile. They were within the police quarters of SI from eleven.30 PM to 2.30 AM. After consuming liquor, Rajeev and Sravan has gone outside for sometime. Then, SI asked them to be at Prosecution Den. Sirisha was panic-stricken when hearing these words and began shouting loudly before long when SI came within. So, SI asked Rajeev and Sravan to come back back directly. Rajeev ill-treated Sirisha as she unbroken shouting out of concern. Then, The 3 began come journey to Hyderabad as per SI’s instruction. throughout the journey, Sirisha tried to leap out of the automobile by gap the door. after they tried to prevent her from doing therefore, Sirisha suffered few injuries. SI referred to as Sravan number of times throughout the journey to enquire regarding the condition of Sirisha.

Sirisha visited the Studio before long when reaching Hyderabad. Whereas, Rajeev and Sravan stayed within the cellar itself for someday. Sirisha did not open door after they knocked it. Meanwhile, Rajeev engaged a cab for Sravan. Sirisha created a video decision to Rajeev at identical time however he did not answer it. once Rajeev created a come decision to her, there’s no response from Sirisha. Later, He found Sirisha hanging to a ceiling fan when gap the door. each Rajeev and Sravan took Sirisha to hospital however doctors have declared she was brought dead. SI Prabhakar Reddy committed suicide because of mental trauma he has undergone when the death of Sirisha.

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