Avanthika Film Review-No Horror No Comedy

Avanthika Film Review

Avanthika Movie

Avanthika Movie Stills-Tollywood News

Release date : Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2017
Director : Sriraj Balla
Producer : Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana
Music Director : Raviraj Balla
Starring : Poorna, Dhanraj, Shakalaka Ravi Shankar

Following the trend of horror-comedies, one more film, Avanthika has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.

Movie Story:-

Avanthika (Poorna) is associate degree innocent village lady WHO has huge dreams in her life. Cashing on it, a political candidate (Ajay Ghosh) ends her life with the assistance of a Baba(Sayaji Shinde) for his own profit.
The actual story begins once a bloke named Sreenu(Sri Raj) shifts to an equivalent flat wherever she is killed. What things can Sreenu face there? once can Sreenu get to grasp concerning Avanthika’s presence within the apartment? Is there associate degree spirit concerned all told of this? to grasp the answers, you would like to observe the film on the large screen.

Movie Plus Points:-

Poorna is spectacular in her village girl’s look and provides an honest performance because the ghost. Heroine Geetanjali as Malli is good in her role. A romantic duet that comes throughout the primary  appearance smart. The natural locations showcased within the song ar too smart. CG work showcased within the ghost scenes is extremely nice. Comedians Dhanraj and Shakala Ravi Shankar impresses in components with their comedy temporal order and punches. Director liquid body substance hero, Sri Raj’s acting is good as a propertyless village guy. His look and dialogues are pretty okay.

Movie Minus Points:-

Though the director Sri dominion has chosen regular horror-comedy, he miserably failing in his execution. The film starts on a flat note and continues till the top with an equivalent tempo. It doesn’t have any participating scene and noted actors like Ajay Ghosh and Sayaji Shinde ar wasted utterly. The heroine encompasses a terribly restricted role within the film and appears helpless most of the time. Sri Raj’s book is unsatisfactory and then was his narration. each the halves don’t have anything abundant to supply and bore the audience to no extent.

Movie Technical Aspects:-

Director Sri dominion contend a secure game by reading a horror-comedy however failing badly within the means he narrated things. All the scenes that he showcases ar routine and quite inevitable. redaction work by Shiva Y Prasad is sweet and he succeeded to keep the film’s run-time quite crisp. computer graphics by Karna is okay as he captured the natural locations fine. Music by Ravi Balla is good and his adulthood music and instrumentation utilized in the second song can impress the audience. Production values ar okay for this low budget film.

Movie Verdict:

On the complete, Avanthika is associate degree out-of-date and routine horror-comedy with flat narration until the top. Comedians Dhanraj and Shakalaka Ravi Shankar evoke a couple of laughs during this film that has nothing abundant to supply and may simply be skipped this weekend as you would possibly have higher things to try to to.

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