Andhhagadu Film Review-Fun With Twists

Andhhagadu Film Review

Andhhagadu Film Review

Andhhagadu Film Review-Fun With Twists

Andhhagadu film review
Release date : June 02, 2017
Director : Veligonda Srinivas
Producer : Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Music Director : Shekar Chandra
Starring : dominion Tarun, Hebah Patel, Rajendra Prasad
Raj Tharun has become a minimum guarantee hero in Tollywood as all his films area unit being anticipated quite thirstily. His new film, Andhagadu has free these days and let’s see however it’s.
Movie Story:-

Gautam(Raj Tharun) could be a visually handicapped person WHO falls loving with a doctor named Netra(Hebah Patel). As time passes by, Netra helps Gautam get his seeing back. this is often conjointly the time once Gautam falls into bother with a neighborhood don(Raja Ravindra). His issues intensify once Gautam faces severe consequences from Netra’s dad(Shayaji Shinde) WHO could be a policeman. simply once things look set, Gautam meets Kulkarni(Rajendra Prasad) WHO turns his life the wrong way up. Who is that this Kulkarni? What will he got to do with Gautam? however can Gautam win his love and face the native don? to grasp all the answers, you wish to observe the film on the large screen.

Movie Plus Points:-

You can clearly see lots of improvement in dominion Tharun. His star standing is definitely taken succeeding step as he’s comfy along with his performance. he’s particularly screaming because the visually handicapped person and showcases smart variations once he becomes the angry young man throughout the tip. Comedian Satya brings smart laughs throughout the primary  as all his scenes with dominion Tharun and Hebah evoke excellent fun. Hebah Patel is simply concerning okay and doesn’t have a lot of to try to to within the half. As always, Hebah’s chemistry with dominion Tharun is kind of rocking. Ashish Vidhyarthi is good because the doctor and then was Sayaji Shinde.
The first is incredibly entertaining with screaming diversion and a really attention-grabbing interval bang that includes Rajendra Prasad. The means hero’s secret is discovered throughout the tip has conjointly been showcased well.

Movie Minus Points:-

The film features a roller coaster reasonably a feel. Right, after you assume things area unit going smart within the half, the pace falls down slightly and therefore the film is just saved by some smart interval purpose. Most of the films lately have a really inevitable and below par execution and same is that the case with Andhagadu too.
For the particular secret to be discovered, the director supererogatory sidetracks the half by some boring comedy scenes between dominionendra Prasad and Raj Tharun. in all probability for the primary time, Rajendra Prasad appearance quite boring in his role and doesn’t bring any depth to the proceedings. Once the twist is discovered, the climax takes forever to be committed as some supererogatory scenes showcasing dominion Tharun’s courage area unit dragged for no reason.

Movie Technica Aspects:-

Production values by American state Entertainments area unit high notch and then was the tricks. Music by Shekar Chandra is kind of spectacular as all the songs sound smart and are shot well too. Dialogues area unit smart and then was the whole discovered of the film. The film desires serious written material as several scenes between dominionendra Prasad and Raj Tharun will be simply cut. Coming to the author turned director Veligonda Srinivas, he has done simply associate okay job along with his debut film. As a author, he scores full marks as his script is kind of attention-grabbing on paper. however the matter lies in his execution. He packages the primary  with some smart masala components however doesn’t manage to carry the grip throughout the second half. it’s solely throughout the last quarter-hour that the film raises to its strength with a noteworthy twist that includes the hero. apart from this, he sends the half flaming.

Movie Verdict:-

On the entire, Andhagadu could be a film that starts off with excellent fun however gets sidetracked throughout the later stages. smart diversion within the half and dominion Tharun’s performance area unit some assets. If you ignore the marginally slow and dragged out half, the last fifteen minutes and alternative twists within the film create Andhagadu a time pass watch this weekend.

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