Akhil Says No Manmadhudu-Movie News

Akhil Says No Manmadhudu


Akhil Says No Manmadhudu-Movie News

Almost each hero can have a title in Tollywood.. Megastar to Natural Star… these titles are quite common. Telugu audience wont to decision legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao as Nata Samrat. continued the bequest and tradition, Nag was given the title Yuva Samrat. As Nagarjuna isn’t any longer an adolescent, folks stopped job him thereupon title and that they ar referring him as King. Some folks ar referring him as Tollywood Manmadhudu.

The new generation Akkineni descendent Akhil is asking folks to not attach any titles to him. it’s renowned that some folks have already started referring him as Nava Samrat. Another title ‘Nava Manmadhudu’ is additionally being detected. Akhil responded on these titles.. he same that “Don’t attach these tags to Maine. i am not snug with these tags. i do know that Superstars can have this type of tags. i am simply An forthcoming actor”.

On the opposite hand, Akhil gave a nice surprise to everyone by singing a song in SIIMA award operate that goes on in national capital. Speaking regarding the song he same “This song is from my forthcoming film directed by Vikram K. Kumar. Anup has trained Maine on a way to sing on the stage. I actually have practiced nearly thirty hours to sing the song on stage. The motion-picture show could be a romance and it’ll have a replacement quite action episodes”.

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