Vijay Agent Bhairava Movie Review-Just For lots

Vijay Agent Bhairava Movie Review

Agent Bhairava

Vijay Agent Bhairava Movie Review

Release date : July seven, 2017
Director : Bharathan
Producer : Bellam Ramakrishna Reddy
Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
Starring : Vijay, Keerthy Suresh

Tamil maven Vijay, United Nations agency is endlessly soundtrack his films in Telugu has come back up with yet one more action person Agent Bairavaa. The film has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.

Movie Stroy :-

Bhairava (Vijay)is a loan recovery agent United Nations agency falls for Madhavi Latha (Keerthy Suresh) at a marriage event. during this method, Siva finds out that Madhavi is facing a large downside from a horrific goon known as PK(Jagapathi Babu). What is that problem? Why did PK enter Madhavi’s life? and the way will Siva facilitate her  to grasp these answers, you’ve got to observe the film on the silver screen.

Movie Plus Points :-

Undoubtedly, Vijay is that the major and for the film. His mass attractiveness and mannerisms square measure a feast for his fans. His typical dance movements and many elevation scenes square measure sensible. Keerthy Suresh impresses along with her cute appearance and her character includes a reason and purpose within the film. She has excelled in her role as a medico.  JB is just too sensible in his role as PK. His rise up and character is elegant. Comedian Sathish did AN okayish job as hero’s friend. The interval block and an important duty fight that comes throughout that point square measure sensible. The confrontation scenes between Vijay and JB have start up quite well. A social message given at the top was sensible.

Movie Minus Points :-

Debutante director, Barathan’s plan of constructing a full-fledged business film with an honest social message is sweet however he diluted the proceedings with a flat narration most of the time. Generally, Vijay’s fans and mass audiences expect some elevation scenes that includes the hero however the director has fully place them aside during this film. The runtime of the film could be a major downside because it is just too long. A family song that comes within the pre-climax virtually tests the audience’s patience to no extent. once some extent in time, the film gets extremely sure and clangorous.

Movie Technical Aspects :-

As aforementioned higher than, director’s flat narration kills the show to An extent. even if he had an honest scope, he lets go of the chance. written material by Praveen KL  isn’t up to the mark as several unwanted scenes might are removed simply. picture taking by M.Sukumar is sweet as captures locations within the songs quite well.
Music by Santhosh Narayan is unsatisfying. with the exception of the background score, his music isn’t in the slightest degree a bonus for the film. Production values square measure sensible for this high budget person.

Movie Verdict :-

On the total, Agent Siva could be a routine business person with an honest social message. although the film has some elevation scenes, remainder of the film disappoints as a result of the flat narration. those that like to watch conventional business films will offer this film a try to the remainder will take it straightforward.

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